16x60 StealthWeld

Our Jet Boats are second to none in innovation, thought, and process.  With our .192” Thickness Aluminum Bottom and .125” Thick Sides and Structure, this is a tank for the river, sporting a multitude of customizations.  Not only just length and width, but the possibilities are endless for interior layouts with our team of expert welders.  Give us a call and build out the boat of your dreams or pick one of our many completed builds to base your next dream vessel of off.

As with all our boats, we have an endless number of options for you to consider.  We have a range of hull sizing when it comes to our StealthWeld.

16’x54”, 16’x60”

These are great boats for motoring up and down any river with the ease to get to any of your favorite fishing spots.  With our team of welders, we have a variety of Hull Designs.  Mod-V, Full Sled, Power Drifter, Center Consoles, and Deep-V Big Water Boats.  We try to push the limit of custom, giving the customer the ability to dream big.

The StealthWeld is an Aluminum Hull that allows you to run in very skinny water.  Our design gives you the versatility to run in rougher water more comfortably, while also giving the captain better maneuverability.  These boats come with many options: Spacious Interior, Multiple Rod storage 3 on top and 3 underneath (up to an 11ft rod), removable casting braces, removable seating and storage boxes, tackle trays, and many more.  The adventures are endless, from the shores of lake Michigan trolling for Chinook and Slivers with downriggers on a full spread to chasing the migratory and resident fish throughout the rivers.  Down Riggers, Rail Systems, to the most minimalistic fly line catch free outfits.  All the electronics you could want.  Call us to find out all the options you can choose from on your next Dream Boat!

16ft StealthWeld Photos:

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