Starting from our Hooligan XL and Rego platforms, we are taking the Hooligan to the next step to a larger, roomier, more accommodating raft suited for not only guides and explorers but also all other anglers and water sportsmen to utilize in their river adventures.  The physical size is not only longer but also wider than the Hooligan XL.  The amount of floor space increased by 4” in width inside the raft and 8” overall in width from the XL.  The length increased 12” over the XL and 24” over the Rego as well as increased diameter of the toons to add not only more stability but also greater floatation and weight capacity.  The XXL is perfect for those 10 day float trips through the Alaskan wilderness, adventures out of Dutch John, Utah down the Green River or on your favorite home river or stream.  The added room allows you to utilize all the gear you wish to take and doesn’t leave you cramped for space or comfort.

For seating we use only the highest quality components available from Tempress for the front and rear positions with double stuffed, quick removing folding Fish-On seats.  For the rower, you have the choice of either a Low Back or High Back comfortable, non-removable seat.  Not only can the rowers seat be attached directly to the frame but there are also the option of either a Yeti 30 quart Loadout Dry Box or either a 45 quart or 75 quart cooler.  We have several seating configurations available for the front fishing position starting with the standard single Tempress Fish-On seat attached directly to the framework of the raft.  A double sliding front seat gives plenty of room for 2 people up front or easily remove 1 for the single fisherman.  We can also utilized either 45 quart or 75 quart coolers in the front and have up to 2 seats on slides on a 75 quart cooler.

The standard frame consists of an integrated front casting brace, front seat, rowers seat and rear rack with a removable seat.  A rear casting brace can be added behind the rowers and leg locks can also be welded on to the integrated casting braces.  The popular casting brace upgraded is the Drift Boat style fiberglass removable casting braces using all the high quality, time and angler tested components used in all of our Stealthcraft driftboats.

To add even more room, add on the Front Storage Deck, lovingly called the “Duckbill”, for additional space for storage or to even fish from.  This platform is a great place for storing an additional cooler, tent, grill or any other gear you have with you without taking up precious room inside of the raft.

The Hooligan XXL is motor ready with no additional modifications required.  The transom readily accepts a 20” gas powered outboard.  We recommend a motor from 3hp to 6hp with a long shaft.  For a quieter float, choose an electric trolling motor as there is plenty of room for the battery to be strapped down on the rear storage rack.

A trailer is highly recommended for the Hooligan XXL which we custom build here at Stealthcraft.  This hot dipped galvanized trailer features a 2200# axle and is built specifically for our Hooligan rafts.  Be sure and upgrade to vortex bearings and possibly the 40’ long green cottage strap on the 1800# winch to help with those long pull outs.  Other trailer options are available including a Rod Locker that will securely hold 5 of your 11’ rods with out having to break them down.  The rod locker is removable from the trailer and also lockable. We also have the Utility trailer which has all the features of the standard Hooligan trailer plus a solid Plascore floor and tilting feature.


  • 15’6″ Long
  • Outside Width: 72″
  • Floor Width: 34″
  • Tube Diameter: 18″
  • Approx. weight: 227lbs

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