The 18′ Kenai is the smallest big boat ever designed compared to other companies 18′ boats, which are just 16’s cut out of the mold with 2 feet added on.  You can see this by looking at other companies 18’s the room behind the rower is the same as in their 16′. Who want’s to row 4 guys in front of the rower?   This boat is built with fishing in mind, although it will lug a bunch of gear.

The Kenai has a balanced layout and at 380 pounds, it is lighter than most of our competitors 16′ boats.  This boat floats in wet grass with it’s awesome water line displacement and can be rowed in the heaviest water with the appropriate rocker.  If you like to camp or fish with a bunch of guys, or if you are the gear freak with never enough room, this is the boat for you.

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