Our new StealthRaft has the ultimate in durability (it’s a raft) portability (get to those places where driftboats can’t).  The StealthRaft is an innovation in watercraft engineering. We’ve designed it with an open floor plan that maximizes storage capacity and offers plenty of room to move around while fishing on-the-go or space to stretch out while waiting for the next flock to fly overhead.

The StealthRaft performs and rows as well as any of our Stealthcraft drift boats.  It’s very stable and barely tips even with everyone on one of the casting decks.  The casting decks provides a great flats boat type of sight fishing experience unlike any other drift boat. The StealthRaft will motor amazingly well and will get on plane like no other drift boat will do.  This boat has, and will continue to push the bounds of what is generally thought of in terms of a river boat.

The StealthRaft was designed for the angler in mind.  Under each casting deck, we’ve integrated rod tube gutters that will safely transport a total of 7 fully rigged rods. Gone are the days or stepping over rods or breaking then down to move from spot to spot. You can even travel with them once the StealthRaft is trailered.  The deck of the StealthRaft is constructed out of Plascore, the same material we use to construct our Stealthcraft drift boats. The casting deck is coated with a non-skid grip. The height of each deck, allows for a birds eye view when sight fishing and fish spotting.

Each reinforced pontoon is double walled with 4 internal bladders. StealthRaft pontoons are custom manufactured to the same specs and standards and from the same manufacturer as the big bright blue, red and yellow commercial pontoons, but in our low-key Stealthcraft gray.  An optional battery powerpoint with 12 volt port allows for charging electronics as well as using a compressor to fill the pontoons.

There is plenty of storage for gear on either StealthRaft model.  The storage box under the oarsman’s seat is weatherproof and under each front and rear deck we’ve designed a large storage area for your gear and life preservers.

The StealthRaft travels and is stored on a galvanized trailer.  There isn’t any reason to deflate the pontoons for storage. Store as you would any other driftboat.  In hot weather it’s recommended to deflate the pontoons slightly to reduce air expansion.

See the new 2019 Stealthraft in action.

Stealth Raft – Cataraft Pontoon Photos

Stealth Raft – Cataraft Pontoon Videos

Additional accessories include interior and exterior light, a power wench anchor system as well various seating upgrades and options as well as upgraded Sawyer oars.

We offer a 16′ model as well as a slightly scaled down 14′ model.

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