Brown Trout Veil

Never has one boat revolutionized such a copy cat industry as our 16′ Super Fly.  This boat, entirely made of our honeycomb Plascore®, weighs nearly half the weight of it’s competition. With the wide bottom, long lines and the rigid non-tin-canny floor, this boat will row circles around our competition.  Standard features like a Supra Gel bottom and front and rear casting braces that will ensure the Super Fly will be the last boat you’ll buy.  We have a lifetime warranty but the Stealthcraft team builds our boats so you’ll never need to use it.  Take our row challenge.  Row one of our boats and then one of our competitors (we always have one of their boats here on trade). The proof is in the pudding.  Why would you pay more for a lesser boat???

16ft Superfly Photos

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