After working with several other smaller pram models like the 10′ Nano, we decided to consolidate the small pram/skiff style drifters into one model the 11′ Stalker.  This boat equipped as shown is just the perfect boat for someone who is looking to portage or drag their boat into tough boat ramps.  With the front casting brace, double rod holders, upgraded seats and anchor system, this is a turn key boat for anyone looking for a super light way on the water.

Even with the full anchor system, upgraded seats this boat is in the 200lb range.  It has a 42″ bottom, 60″ at the oarlocks and can handle an electric trolling motor or a small outboard up to 4hp.  Its a great boat for someone who is used to a canoe or kayak it is much more stable and can handle two people fishing very nicely.  It will fit into almost any truck bed and can be cartopped.

This is a boat that everyone loves, give us a call or an email to order one today. Check out the Video below as well as photos of the 11′ Stalker in action.

11ft Stalker Photos

11ft Stalker Videos