Design & Construction

Our boat design is what sets Stealthcraft Boats apart from the rest of the pack. Stealthcraft boats are like no other drift boat or river boat around.  Comparing our technology with any other boat company would be like comparing the stealth bomber to prop driven puddle jumper plane. In any boat design you get rigidity and toughness with thickness, the only problem with thickness is the added weight.  That is why we use a honeycomb core to allow for more thickness but without the added weight associated with it.  Another benefit is that the polypropylene honey comb center does not absorb any water.  When a normal outer gel coat covering of a boat is compromised the scratch or ding will suck outside water into the boat structure making it much heavier over time and will eventually fail.  Stealthcraft boats will not do this.

The outside of our Stealthcraft boats are constructed with Kevlar composites instead of cheap fiberglass remnants that the boat companies use.  Kevlar is extremely tough and has excellent impact resistance. We do not just copy other competitor’s boats, we invent our own designs that are proven to work.  If you look around at the other boat companies, they are constantly mimicking each others designs.  Our boats are leading the industry in new designs and features.

All of our boats motor extremely well because we have not been stuck in the traditional boat design that draws large amounts of water.  Our Stealthcraft boats are made for white water conditions.  For a small upgrade you can get the U.H.M.W. bottom which is a ground breaking, no fastener system that allows a very slick bottom on your boat that will take on extreme abused and punishment.  We also use a strong truck bed liner in the floor of the boat and on the side chines to protect from wondering logs and rocks you may come up against on your river adventure.

All of our designs are made to draw very little water, be very light, motor well, very easy to oar, are able to get into areas and not scare fish away with loud colors.  We have ample storage and of course, our boats are sexy by accident.  We don’t need a scam of tunnel halls, gulf stream or G4 bottoms, our boats are the highest in technology, best performing boats, hands down.  Our warranty is steadfast against punctures and leaks in the hull for the life of the boat.  In the event you do require warranty work, all you have to do is get the boat here and we will fix anything that is the fault of the hull against normal conditions.  Our best line is: before you buy another boat, oar one of ours and you won’t want to buy another boat, period.

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