Brand new for 2017 to the Stealthcraft lineup is the Pintail, the game charger of the hybrid lineup.  14′ down the center, 52″ bottom and 78″ at the oarlocks with the flare of our Power Drifter this is the true do everything boat with a price point that is spot on.  Row your favorite river in the morning and slap a motor on and fish the lake or tail water in the evening.  You can run any motor from a 6hp up to a 20hp and the Pintail rows just as good as any drift boat and motors like a boss!  The versatility of this model alone sets us apart from the competition.  Front/rear false floor, pedestal seat, grande rowers box, front deck with removable seat, standard diamond-plate oarlock and motor mount, Dierks side anchor system, large bow eye, keel-guard bow protector, Supra Gel bottom.  5 position oarlock adjustment.  Various options available to customize your boat even more.

14ft Pintail ATB Photos:

14ft Pintail ATB Videos: