Our Jet Boats are second to none in innovation, thought and process.  The industry is flooded with very heavy aluminum boats that are noisy, cold and have poor storage.  Our custom honeycomb Plascore® boats have 2-3″ solid floors and 3/4″ sides reinforced with laminated aluminum chines and bows.  These boats need a much smaller motor to get on plane and are built much heavier than a thin .100 thickness aluminum hull that would dent with a hit from a submerged rock.  Our boat will absorb rocks, will bounce off and laugh as you head down the river.  Our UHMW Stealth Bottom is great for motoring fast in shallow water.  This high performance hull is a common sense way to bring the price down since you won’t be needing to buy a huge motor to get it on plane fast.  Rowing performance is always a big key in the operation of a jet boat, our jet sled’s row better than most companies so-called “power drifters”.

Starting price of $16,495.00 As with all of our boats, we have an endless amount of options for you to consider. We made these in 16′ and 18′ with a 54″ and 60″ bottom width. we can install a 60/40 jet, all the way up to a 115/80 hp jet!

Check out a couple videos below if you’d like to see a little more about these boats.

Stealth Sled – Jet Sled Photos

Stealth Sled – Jet Sled Videos