Our Jet Boats are second to none in innovation, thought, and process.  The industry is flooded with very heavy aluminum boats that are noisy, cold, and have poor storage options.  Our custom Honeycomb Plascore® Hulls have 2-3″ solid floors and 3/4″ sides reinforced with laminated aluminum chines and bows.  Our boats can perform with a much smaller motor to get on plane and are built much heavier than a thin .100 thickness aluminum hull that would dent with a hit from a submerged rock.  Our vessels will absorb those rock hits, as you bounce off and laugh while you head down the river.  Our New Stealth Guide Tough Bottom is great for motoring fast in shallow water.  This high-performance hull is a common sense way to trim the price down since you won’t be needing to buy a huge motor to get it on plane fast.  Furthermore, rowing performance is key in the operation of a jet boat, our jet sled’s row better than most companies so-called “power drifters”.

With the downsizing of the motor, our advanced hull design, we have an endless number of options for you to consider.  Our Stealth Sleds come in a few different models. We have a range of hull sizing when it comes to our Stealth Sled.  16’x54, 16’x60”.  These are great boats for motoring up and down a river with easy to get to any of your favorite fishing spots.

Our Power Drifter Model allows you to have that versatility of a jet and the comfortability of a Drift Boat.  The different interior layouts we offer can open a wide range of opportunities and luxuries.

The standard setup would be our Drift Boat Styled Interior, set up with a Glassed in Rowers Box, Glassed in Composite Storage Box with Tempress seat, and a Tempress seat in the bow.  We offer the ability to have your passenger box glassed into the floor or removable.  That option gives you the ability to outfit the vessel with a cooler for the seat/box.  From 30 quart to 75 quart sized coolers (Depending on Hull Width, we will recommend sizing for certain seating options.)

Check out our StealthCraft Coolers! (Available in many sizes and colors!)

The Full Level False Floor: This layout design gives you a full level false floor from the rear deck to the stern deck, taking out that rower’s station cutout.  With this layout, we recommend a fully modular layout when it comes to storage boxes.  We place Tie downs for the Rowers Seat and Storage Box/Cooler, giving you the ability to have your “Drift Boat Styled Interior, or a fully open layout.

XXL Casting Deck:  The XXL Casting Deck is the sight fisherman’s dream.  From double hulling big meat on the White River for those buck nasty browns to a tailing fish in on a sunny flat.  This outfit gives you a wide-open casting area on your deck, with the option of a casting brace if needed, and a big XL Hatch with full storage accessibility under your deck.  Removable Tempress seat as your rower’s seat in the center of your deck, we offer a 1,2,3 Seating package to gain two more seating positions next to the rower’s position.


  • Powered Anchor System
  • Tempress Bow Seat
  • Full Length Tackle Tray
  • Sawyer Square-Top Oars
  • Removable Casting Brace
  • Humminbird Helix 7
  • Rough Country Headlights
  • Minn Kota Trolling Motor
  • High Back Rowers Seat

16ft Power Drifter Sled Photos

16ft Power Drifter Sled Videos