16x42 Power Drifter UFO

The UFO is a new addition to the StealthCraft line up. It is a skinny version of the power drifter, making it lightweight, row like a rocket and it also get on plane very easily. We designed the boat to get on plane easily with a small prop motor our 30/25 Merc jet our 40/30 Yamaha jet.  The boat rows really good, so no need for a rowing frame of any kind. The motor can easily be taken off, so this versatile boat can be used as a drift boat only.



  • 16′ Long
  • 68″ at oar locks
  • 42″ wide bottom

Weight: Approx. 250lbs

16×42 Power Drifter UFO Photos:

16×42 Power Drifter UFO Videos: