Never has a boat been so nimble and lightweight yet can still safely accommodate a rower and two fisherman.  This boat has replaced rafts for many outfitters and guides across the country.  With plenty of rocker for great back rowing and a wide bottom at 54″, the same width as many full sized boats from other companies.  Aluminum reinforced bow, a myriad of options from a simple removable front cooler to a dressed out drift boat with all the amenities of home. At a stealthy 280 pounds, this is the boat for folks that want a boat easy to get in and out of the water and that is very easy to row.  The Stealthcraft Sniper is a great first boat because of the user friendly rowing and loading capabilities.  With the wide bottom you will be amazed at the stability of this lightweight boat. The Stealthcraft Sniper is a boat you will always want to have around.  Captain Mike enjoys taking this boat out because of the ease of maneuverability, lightweight design and ease of rowing.

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