Here at StealthCraft we wanted to explain what 3 trailer options we offers for all of our boats.

The 3 options are Basic, Standard and the Premium Trailer option.  Here are the sizes that are available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL

Construction Process

Our basic trailer comes with plastic fenders and carpeted bunks along with the standard items listed below.

The basic construction is the same on all the trailers.  All welded and designed in house.  Galvanized tube steel, 3/16″ thick tongue, torsion axle, fenders, and LED lights.  All trailers come with a 2″ ball, 4 flat connectors, jack, 14″ tires, winch tower, rear roller across the rear width of the trailer, and side roller guides. 

The premium trailer has an expanded metal catwalk running the length of the trailer, premium tongue jack, welded side load guides, raised LED tail lights (installed above the frame instead of in the frame), and Mag (aluminum fancy) wheels.

Medium premium trailers also tilt as a standard feature.  However, the medium standard trailers do not tilt.  Large and XL premium or standard trailers do not tilt ever.

Trailer Sizes

Here is the list of trailer sizes and what boats will fit them:

  • Small Standard (no premium) – use these for Stalkers and MiniFly, and Regular Hooligans
  • Medium Standard – Used for Driftboats from MiniFly to Superfly, pintails, and occasionally ATB’s.
    • Hooligan
    • Sniper
    • Utility
    • All 4 of the above listed have the same frame with different tongue lengths.
  • Medium premium
  • Large Standard – Used for 54″ Power Drifters and 54″ ATB’s.
  • Large Premium
  • XL Standard – Used for 60″ Power Drifters, 60″ ATB’s, Mod V, and Flat Boat fronts.
  • XL Premium
  • UFO Trailer – Specific for a UFO Boat
  • Utility Trailer – Used for Hooligans (Regular and XL) primarily, but we could put a drift boat on it though we typically do not.
  • Cataraft Trailer – Is used for the Catarafts.

Trailer Options

Here are is a list of options that are available for all of our trailers:

  • Swing tongue to shorten the overall length of the boat and trailer.  This allows for easier storage in a restricted space.
  • Supra Rollers (either rubber or plastic (skateboard) wheels) 5′ long for easy loading and unloading.
  • Green Cottage Winch System with an 1800lb American Made Dutton-Lainson Winch and a 40′ 1800lb rated strap.
  • G-2 Boat Buckle ratcheting tie down system.
  • Vortex Bearings – 100,000 mile 6 year maintenance free hubs.
  • Spare Galvanized 14″ Tire mounted on the trailer tongue.

Additional options for Large and XL trailers:

  •  Extra tall flared load guides
  • Aluminum Anchor Nest Mounted on trailer tongue
  • Bunk Slicks on XL trailers