Boat Skins – Colors and Designs

Standard Gelcoat (no extra cost)

Standard exterior colors can be any color from the RAL color swatch.  View the standard GelCoat RAL Color Chart.  Each boat will have gel coat spider webbing blended in to the main base color to create a stealth look.  Your exterior color will be any ralcolor you choose with the same color spider webbing overtop.  That spider webbing color will be it’s own shade lighter, and the exterior color will be used in the spider webbing on the inside over the base gray.  Either a Black or gray bottom.   These colors are included in the cost of your boat build. If you’d like one of our fiberglass designs or artist series veils, check them out below!  Check out a few color varieties here

Standard Fiberglass Veils

Each of our upgraded fiberglass veil boats are constructed with a fiberglass veil to create a vivid appearance, while providing an extremely durable exterior. This option is available as a $650 upgrade using the same process as the Artist Series (just subtract the artist fee). These skins are laminated in mold, they are printed fiberglass (not a sticker) and are part of the boat! That is how we get the vivid looks from our printed fiberglass. We put flex additives in the resin to make that exterior look super tough in the darkest colors. There is a reason why all the other companies have white boats, that color hides everything.

Artist Series Veils


With the artist series, you can choose from the designs of several artists. These are installed the same way as our standard fiberglass veils. If you want your boat to really “pop”, these might just be for you! The artist series veils cost a bit more money, because we have to pay royalties to the designers. You’ll truly stand out on the river with some of the spectacular work from these fishing artists.  These are just for prints that have already been done, not skins custom by the artist.  We can work with artists to do truly unique concepts just takes a bit more time and money!!!