The brand new 14’6” Stealth Skinny Skiff is a smaller version of our 15′ BigHorn Skiff.  This smaller boat design is similar to our popular 13′ Sniper.  The light weight design makes it very easy to row and maneuver down any river.

14’6” down the center, 54” bottom, 72″ at the oarlocks, 21″ at the highest point of the recurve, 16″ at the lowest.  This boat can be compared to many of the factory mold boats that are extensively marketed today in the drift boat industry.  This Boat comes standard with a removable front casting brace, or an optional bubble casting brace, front false floor with flush mount cup holders and front pedestal seating, port tackle tray, grande rowers box seating, rear deck with removable seat, standard diamond-plate oarlock and motor mount, Dierks side anchor system, large bow eye, keel-guard bow protector, Supra Gel bottom, 6 large flush mount cup holders, and 5 position oar lock adjustment.  Handles up to a 9.9hp motor but a 4-8hp motor is ideal and as always, motors much better than our competition.  Various options available to customize your boat even more.  So if you are interested in a small light weight boat check out the Stealth Skinny Skiff.



  • 14′ Long
  • 72” at the oar locks
  • 54” bottom

Weight: Approx. 300lbs

14′ 6″ Skinny Skiff Photos

14′ 6” Stealth Skinny Skiff Videos