Jeremy Hunt, Flys and Guides, S. Missouri, N. Arkansas

Jeremy has been one of the White River Basin’s most passionate fly fishermen and guides for over the last eleven years, and he is always looking to develop innovative flies and techniques that catch more fish; this reflects his true ingenuity and outside the box mentality. When it comes to working hard and understanding how to safely and effectively fish during high and low water, Jeremy is truly one of the best. He never hesitates to try something new when the “old standards” are not producing, and over the last five years, very few guides have consistently put their clients on big fish as often as Jeremy has.A day on the water with Jeremy is going to be filled with intense moments, as he definitely wears his enthusiasm and love of fly fishing on his sleeve – this guy lives to help his clients succeed. Jeremy is one of the area’s best nymph fishermen, and he knows when and where to throw dry flies if the conditions are right. His personal favorite way to fish is with large streamers on the White Rive for brown trout during high water. “There is nothing as exciting in the world of fly fishing as watching a huge brown come off a bank or out of submerged structure to chase down and inhale a 6-inch streamer pattern. It really gets me worked up in a big way.”

Besides spending his nights dreaming about that next big streamer bite (or fishing in the dark with a client or on his own), Jeremy is also very active in the local and regional fly fishing scene. He has put on several exceptional presentations at the last two Sow Bug Roundup events (these gathering are like a fly fishing convention that is sponsored by the Federation of Fly Fishers), and he has also traveled extensively for speaking engagements at Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers club meetings around the country. Jeremy is one of the most creative and talented young tiers in the fly fishing world, and he is starting to gain exposure for his unique patterns, along with his personal variations of old standards. Look for Jeremy to be featured in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine quite a bit over the next year, and he has also been asked to be a host guide for several fly fishing television shows. Please understand that he did not seek out this attention, but rather, several editors and producers took notice of him due to his accomplishments and his outstanding web site.