StealthCraft ATB

In 1999 when our company started, we knew the ATB (All Terrain Boat) was the boat for most anyone that wanted true versatility in a river boat. The ATB is available in a 14′, 16′, and 18′ models and has truly transcended the traditional idea of a boat that is functional as well as fishable.  Did you ever think it was silly to spend over $8,000 on a boat that will never go over 6mph and will never get on plane? Wouldn’t it be great to have a drift boat, but have the option to add a motor that you could take the kids out with?

Many other boat manufacturers talk about their boats being considered a power drifter. The deciding factor at Stealthcraft of being a power drifter is the ability to take the motor off and drift a non-motorized trout river.  The majority of the boats available from our competition are jet sleds with oars on them.  The light rocker on the back of our ATB allows it to be rowed in the skinniest of water.  The motor is removable.  The wide stern makes it a boat that floats in less water than any of our other models.  It takes a bit of time to get used to rowing a drift boat backwards, but as soon as you think about it you will see that back rowing the bow of the boat makes it slice through the water and anchor better than any normal drift boat design.

The huge downstream transom allows for amazingly shallow draft and unreal stability.  Our Stealthcraft ATB’s are designed for props as well as oaring.  It’s concave tunnel hull in the back makes trecherous river motoring a dream, while providing great tracking and performance like that of a flat bottom boat.  When our competition adds a jet to their power drifter, it adds a significant amount of weight.  Reinforcement jets are very heavy motors and you have to change the rear rocker allowing it not to be able to row in very shallow water.  The downstream edge would get caught on many shallows, sand bars and gravelly shoals. If you’re looking for a truly All Terrain Boat, the Stealthcraft ATB is it.  This is the last boat a fisherman/hunter ever needs.

StealthCraft ATB Photos