18ft Power Drifter Sled Series

Here is some information about our 18ft Power Drifter Sled models we have for you to invest many years of awesome fishing and family enjoyment.

18’ Long 54” Bottom 80” at the oarlocks our 18’ x 54” is a great way to get a lot of boat for not a ton of money.  You can power it with a 60/40 jet, or jump up to the 90/65 if it’s a tiller or a 115/80 if it’s a console.  Nimble and row able easy to get on and off the trailer this is a boat used by many professionals in the industry.  Try our new SST bottom we are implementing and you have a bulletproof boat that will take the daily punishment you plan on giving it.   You can get it with our High and Dry Sides or our Northwestern Sides for a higher sided boat to keep the water out in heavy waves etc.

You won’t be sorry with this boat!!!

18ft Power Drifter Sled Photos

18ft Power Drifter Sled Videos